The Schedule

First Trimester Schedule

Date Tasks Plan
August 25 Introducing Project to Teachers Review Data from Fall 2021 – Spring 2023

Re-Develop Project with the ELA Instructor.

September 1  Introduce Project to Students Read “The Project

Go over “The Schedule” with students

September 8 Review Data on Communities of Care. Slides “Experiencing a Community of Care” and “Losing Trusted Adults”

Potential In-Class Writing Assignment: How do you feel S2 could be better at cultivating a community of care?

September 22 Review Data on Patterns of Anxiety (Academic & COVID-19) Slides “Patterns of Anxiety,” “Academic Anxieties,” “Becoming Mature Learners,” “Standardized Test Anxieties,” “Seeking Help from Staff,” “COVID-Related Anxieties.”

Potential In-Class Writing Assignment: Can you relate to any of your peers’ academic or health-related anxieties? Was it surprising to hear how widespread these anxieties were?

 September 29 Review Data on Patterns of Anxiety (Social)  Slides “Initial Difficulty Making Friends,” “Fear of Losing Friends,” “Loving Self,” “Desires to be Fierce”

Potential In-Class Writing Assignment: Which anxiety was most surprising to you and why? Which was least surprising?

October 6 Review Data on Why This Project Matters Slides “Why This Project Matters,” “I’m Not Alone,” “Student Want to Be Heard,” “Youth Leadership Makes Project Possible,” and “The Praxis of Oral History”

Potential In-Class Writing Assignment: What’s something last year’s project got right? Something last year’s project got wrong?

October 13 Develop Oral History Project Go Over How to Conduct Oral History Project: “The Assignment

Review the importance of ethics and confidentiality.

October 20 Rework Oral History Script as Class Go over the list of questions with the students currently titled “Bad Draft.” Identify those questions you like; those you want to change and questions you want to add that you feel are missing. Collectively alter the script as a class.
October 27 Rework Oral History Project in Class Have students submit names of at least three people they would be willing to interview/be interviewed by.

Offer alternative assignments (3–5-page essays based on other ELA work) for those students not wanting to conduct interviews, or be interviewed.

November 10 Announce Partners from 8th Grade Assign partnerships for oral history projects.

Re-review ethics and confidentiality.

Practice recording on phones.

November 17 Interviews Due Submit interviews during class time to dropbox account. Make sure to label the interviews with the interviewee’s first and last name.

Potential Writing Assignment: How could we improve this work for Trimester III?

December 1 Reflections Create space for class reflections on what went well and what did not go well.

Second & Third Trimesters

December-March Processing Data Dr. Finesurrey and the team of alumni will organize the data from the Fall interviews.

Dr. Finesurrey and alumni will work with a group of 8th-grade researchers on a presentation for Oral History of the Mid-Atlantic Region Conference

March Going Over Data with Teachers Review Processed Data From Fall 2023

Re-Develop Project with ELA Instructor

April Review Data with Students Have students choose groups to analyze quotes and create presentations on key questions.

Youth research team present at the Oral History of the Mid-Atlantic Region Conference.

May Presenting and Writing SEL group presentations.
June Redesigning and Executing Oral History Redesign oral history scrip for Spring 2024.

Conduct Oral Histories.

July Writing Camp/Processing Spring Interviews Dr. Finesurrey and the team of alumni will organize the data from the Spring interviews.

A smaller group of 8th grade researchers will help write an article/create an academic presentation based on their experience.